Celebrating the first milestone!

Soon you will draw curtains to your first study period this fall. For international students who were at Chalmers for the first time, this phase would have been an avalanche of novel experiences, observations and some rigorous learning. I hope all of you are gearing up fine for the exam week and final presentations, and would succeed with flying colors in getting through this first quarter of studies.

This reminds me of the end of my first study period. I can recall I was itching to find some free time and explore Gothenburg and the cities around it a bit more. Of course your studies are an automatic priority, so it is difficult to squeeze time out during the term for a short trip away from the city. Many international students, especially those who are in Europe for the first time would share the same emotion. So I thought I would come up with some smart, cost effective suggestions for feeding this hunger to break free and explore.

A very wise choice is to to look for deals on Stenaline website. They have very cheaptrips to different cities, and are usually very popular so you would always find a lot of people travelling with you. They have a Cruise going to Kiel, Germany on discounted prices in October and November. You could also take a car with you on this cruise for a reduced fee during this time. There other tours to Germany as well, which you should definitely check out on their website and choose according to your budget and preference of destination. The other option and perhaps the most famous one is the day trip to Fredrikshan, Denmark. It costs merely 99 krona both ways and you can stay in the town of Fredrikshavn for enough time to enjoy a meal and take a walk around. I have been there myself; it is a very small, pleasant and peaceful place with a very coast line. The highlight is the Palm Beach which is lined with, as the name suggests, palm trees that enhance the magnificence of the experience even more. I would strongly recommend using the free tourist bikes to travel around the town;  you can find them at any tourist information center. They are given out on first come first serve basis, so make sure picking up a bike is the first thing you do after getting off from the ferry. A similar day trip to Poland is also offered by Stena Line, at nominal prices.


Fredrikshavn: A beautiful beach

Fredrikshavn: A beautiful beach


These are just a few suggestions, of what you could do over a weekend after you finish your exams for the first study period. Of course, the less curious souls can just download a few movies and seasons and enjoy a couple of days laying on the couch. But for those who have not been around that much, I would definitely suggest to grab one such deal and celebrate your first milestone at Chalmers in style.