Mösspåtagning experience

Mösspåtagning 3

This month I had a chance to experience one of the Swedish traditions called Mösspåtagning, which is always celebrated every year in May and October. It was Wednesday 1st, October and we were at the student union building having lunch.My friend and I saw a large number of students gathered in front of the union building while others were standing with white and black attires. As soon as we finished eating, we decided to rush outside and join them in enjoying the event.

There were speeches and performance. From the people we asked, we were told that the event is a tradition at Chalmers. Its always done when changing the colour of the hat from white to black in the winter and a similar performance for May is for black to white.Unfortunately, our time was cut short as we were rushing to play tennis, however the celebrations continued and a number of students were piling up as we were leaving.I wondered how I missed the one of May, but this was quiet an interesting Swedish celebration.

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Text: Ben O.O
Photo: Ben O.O