Next to heading out as a ”Chalmerists!”


Photo taken during our class study trip to a nearby city called Vänersborg

This week marks the end of my Autumn study period at Chalmers. I need now more eight weeks of studies before hitting the last exams followed by Master’s Thesis. Unless I decide to do another Master’s degree at Chalmers, I will be heading out as a ”Chalmerists!”
The time has passed so fast, and I can’t believe that I am already heading to the end of my Master’s journey. Perhaps because every bit of time has been full of new, beautiful things! At the same time, I have started gathering wonderful memories from past events when I arrived here. It’s a lot; my monthly photo folder makes me smile with beautiful memories. The people, environment and professors are all awesome, and I have started generating internal memories even before I have reached the end. I see my last days just drawing nearby, and I keep thinking what next! I think I have had enough and enjoyed Sweden. However, on the other hand, I feel that there are still more beautiful things to get done with, and I wonder if I will ever complete them! It appears that everything is infinite. Last week my classmates and I talked about my trip here, after answering them I also told them how they integrated me into their environment, how I first perceived them and how I feel now. Much as I think that I have been enjoying a lot, my friends have generated new things to me again. I feel that I have lots of tight adventurer schedules ahead of me, and this means a lot of exciting blogs ahead! Talk of things like the northern lights, beautiful snow, the list is endless!

Study trip photo