A colorful excursion along the Stockholm Metro Stations

Remember the things I had set myself out to do during summer? Well, there is couple of those that didn’t get accomplished until very recently. First of all, my parents’ visit was postponed, and since it’s such a long way from Latin America to Gothenburg, I wanted to make their trip extra worth it and decided to postpone my visit to Stockholm until it was possible to go all together. So early October became the time when they made it here, and it was a complete blast! Among other wanderings, we got to see my ever elusive Stockholm.

Once being there, there were exceedingly more options than we could fit in 3 days. Nonetheless, there was one cheap, interesting attraction that I had wanted to see long before coming to Sweden, the art in the Stockholm Metro Stations. Over 150 artists have embodied their ideas in ~90 metro stations, in the shape of paintings, sculptures, installations, and others. My first contact with what is called “the world’s longest art exhibit” happened when I watched a video where a stairway is turned into a functioning piano. Later on I saw some pictures of a station decorated in a pixel theme, with Mario and Pacman figures made in tiles. After seeing these it became obvious that the Stockholm Metro Station was a place I had to visit within my lifetime.

And without further ado, here are some of the pictures I took in our promenade along the metro’s blue, green and red line. Take the poor quality of the pictures as a sign that you should visit personally to witness an expression of Swedish creativity in its full potential!


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Hallonbergen (1) ??????????????????????????????? ??????????????????????????????? ??????????????????????????????? ???????????????????????????????


Kungsträdsgården (2)  Kungsträdsgården (5) Kungsträdsgården (6) Kungsträdsgården (7) Kungsträdsgården (8)

Solna Centrum:

Solna centrum (3) ??????????????????????????????? ??????????????????????????????? Solna centrum (7) ???????????????????????????????


Thorildsplan (1) Thorildsplan (2) ??????????????????????????????? Thorildsplan (4)

Additional selfie: a happy family jumping across Europe!


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