Calendars Calling!

Let us do an information post in this one. I think talking about calendars is a good idea – there is quite a lot to know about them.

Events Calendar: Firstly, Chalmers is bubbling with events on a daily basis. When you enter the Chalmers Johannberg campus, there is a display board highlighting some of the events for the week. This ain’t exhaustive, and you don’t want to miss out on some less advertised, nonetheless brilliant events. If you want all the information, for every day, for weeks to come, log on to the Chalmers website and you will see a calendar ticker going on. That’s the best aggregated feed for all events that happen pan-Chalmers. The calendar sources RSS feed, making it quite handy when you sync it with your aggregator. Keep a tab on the events, there are events to match everyone’s taste!

That's where you can find the Calendar ticker.

That’s where you can find the Calendar ticker.

Academic calendar: I log on to this page only when I have to plan my trips. You might of course find it useful for other purposes. Schedule for the entire academic year is detailed out, comprehensively, for all study periods, with exam days, holidays, vacation and important Chalmers days (like Student Union day). You could check the academic schedule, if you already haven’t here.

Academic Year calendar

Academic Year calendar

Course calendar: The most important of all calendars is the course calendar, which provides all details about lecture time, venue, duration of each lecture! This calendar is imperative for each of us to follow, for, you cannot take it for granted the same lecture hall will be used for every interaction throughout the course. For instance, in my previous course, even to the annoyance of the professor the schedule was scattered in over 6 different venues! It is handy to check your schedule, so that you don’t miss out classes. I have missed couple of lectures because they were in different halls and I could not track down the rooms! Time Edit provides cool options to search for your program/course and view the calendar events in a single form. You can then export these calendar events into an .ical file, which you can import into your Google Calendar, or similar applications.

Custom course calendar in PingPong

Custom course calendar in PingPong

These apart, Ping Pong, the course portal has a calendar, which apart from displaying a course’s schedule can also be used by the teacher to display events like submission deadlines.

Although these are on different portals, you can aggregate all these into your calendar app, without having to revert to each of them, making your life easier.

Happy scheduling, for the next study period!