My ‘Bio’ experience!

Last week finally drew curtains on the first study period of Autumn term. As with any other student I wanted to take cut my self off from all study related matters and enjoy a relaxed evening. One of my friends by co incidence happened to have free tickets to Bio, so naturally we got motivated to go see a movie after the final exam.

The same friend also baked a delicious cake to celebrate the end of exam week. So it was a refreshing and delightful feeling to treat yourself with a home-baked cake after a hectic five hour exam. As we eased into the afternoon, we started looking for possible movies we could watch. We cam across a rather interesting title called ” The Hundred-foot Journey”. The movie was not a big star studded production, neither it was a catchy sci-fi blockbuster. It seemed a rather low budget flick, but there was one actor in the cast that has been well renowned and revered in this field of work. So after encouraging signs from IMDb and trailer of the movie we decided to go for it.

The movie was a light-hearted comedy, that very smartly pointed arrows towards how people can co-exist despite gulf of cultures and traditions between them. It revolves around a family from India, that has been in restaurant business for generations and now for some reason want to move to Paris and try their luck. They are faced with an uphill task to establish themselves among people unknown to them and in a land that is alien to Indian cuisine. After some struggle and internal conflicts in the family, they decide on a location for their restaurant in Paris, but they sense only a slim chance of success as the restaurant right opposite to theirs has a reputation of a stalwart. The remaining movie is an inspiring tale of how an old man breaks through shackles of stereotypes, and the negativity of professional jealousy, out of sheer motivation and how an aspiring chef transforms his life on the basis of dedication and out of love for his profession. There hilarious scenes in the movie where the difference in cultures and ideas spills over into comic situations.

A rather inspiring and entertaining piece of work

A rather inspiring and entertaining piece of work

To be honest I felt a bit home sick during the show, due to the repeated close up shots of Indian delicacies; even a mere omelette recipe was depicted in such a mouth watering way that my craving for home made food reached an all time high. So, as soon as the movie ended we decided to dine at an Indian restaurant. The food their was not as fine as home made cuisine, but sufficed in calming down my cravings. All in all it was an evening well spent and an ideal transition from a rigorous exam week  into a relaxing laid back weekend.