Hemsedal trip, 2014 again!


Just from the summer vacation, it seems preparing for another holiday trip sounds funny! This is what excites me while at Chalmers. I like holiday so much, especially those blended with sports. This year again Chalmers Alternative Sports have organised their annual trip to the famous Scandinavian alps Hemsedal, and my friends and I have been warming up for the past three weeks for this. I have never put my footsteps outside Gothenburg since this semester began, but this trip is pulling me off.We had a plan of going to another city called Malmo, last week, but our host who was to guide us had some commitment, and we had to council the trip. Now that this year’s Hemsedal trip has been scheduled for December 4th-7th, 2014, I have decided to relax and wait for this day. We have already secured our tickets and now preparing for the day.

I am not going to tell you how this journey looks like, but last year’s photos below should be in a position to give you the whole picture on what students enjoy at this Scandinavian ski centre.




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Text: Ben O.O
Photo: Chalmers Alternative Sports


  1. Avancez

    Hello, a small error in the text – it must be December not November, or?

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