Treasure Hunting scientific literature

Chalmers Library portal

Chalmers Library portal

 All the academic reading that I have done in the last three months haven’t been from text books – a steady image of two-column formatted scientific publications is stuck in my mental reading desk.
Symptoms of researching seem ripe by now.

I have gotten so very used to the idea of wishing for a paper, and then getting hold of it without any hassle, within a few clicks. Thanks to the work by Chalmers Library and related services that everyone on Chalmers campus, and all Chalmerists from anywhere can access the entire repository of scientific literature that Chalmers has subscribed to, which encompasses most of the relevant journals and publications.

At this point, a tweak that I use to access content via Chalmers account, when physically not on Chalmers campus might be handy to some of you: If you search for a document in Google scholar say, and need access to the document; Instead of re-searching for the same document within Chalmers library portal, I alter the URL of the resource to query for the file via Chalmers Proxy server.

Say for instance the document you need is from this URL ””, then without redoing the search for this document, and/or without having to set up a permanent proxy setting for your local machine, you can simply append ””, just after the domain name in the resource URL. In this instance, it would be ”″, and you will gain access to the document through your Chalmers account. There might be more elegant and even straightforward ways to do this. If you know of some, do comment below.

Further, when Chalmers has no subscription to a particular document, or if you end up believing so, you can write to the library support with the article details and they will search it, and mostly fetch it for you. In the unlikely scenario that Chalmers is not subscribed to your that particular journal, say, then you can recommend subscription through the ”suggestion form”.

More about other aspects of the library in subsequent posts. For now, happy learning.