Chalmers Formula Student


Have you ever been in a discussion where people have a dream of studying in some particular universities? Assume they manage to join their preferred universities, will it have an impact on them after completion? If two people with the same ambition and interest go to two different universities say X and the other to Y; after completion will they still come out the same? Perhaps the answer is no, and what could be the reason behind the difference? We all know that the latest trend of university education is not just being confined in class and completing courses; but also hands-on social and professional experiences that students gain while still at university.

If you need such examples of university experiences, then consider not further than Chalmers Formula Student. Each year students from the Mechanical department at Chalmers University of Technology get involve in the production of a racing car. The group consists of around 30 students from a diverse background, each in teams working towards delivering an incredible formula racing car. I had the opportunity to attend one of the 2015 team meetings last Wednesday, and it was fantastic being together with these focused, dedicated, and talented future engineers. They are currently busy working round the clock to deliver the CFS15, 2015 car for the competition in UK and Germany next July.

The CFS15, 2015 car project appears to be progressing well, with the first Mid-Design presentation already set for Wednesday, November 26th, 2014 at Chalmers University of Technology. A number of guests are expected to show up from within and outside the university including companies. Most of us enjoy cars on a daily basis, but producing a car isn’t just a matter of interest but much dedication and teamwork. These brilliant students spend some of their leisure time going through the project lifecycle to deliver this car.

In 2012, CFS12 team emerged best overall in a competition that was held at Silverstone in UK. While in 2013 and 2014 there was a slip upwards as the team claimed fourth and third overall positions respectively in Germany.

The CFS15 team is not only facing the challenge of delivering their first electric car, but also having a task to defend their previous positions come July 2015. However with each student standing along the production line covering all stages of learning these students are determined to hope for better results against all odds despite the challenges lying ahead of them.





Video from the last two laps during the 2014 competition

Text: Ben Owilli Oyunu

Photo: Chalmers Formula Student