Feskekörka is one of the most prominent and celebrated buildings in Göteborg. Evert visitor who is novel to this city finds this place pleasant and interesting. That is not only attributed to the fact that it is a fish market in a building shaped like a church but also to the calm and scenic surroundings it has. It dose have a soothing and considerably captivating effect on your senses.

This week I got the chance to visit Feskekörka. I have seen it a few times from outside but never have been inside it. I got a gift cardworth almost 200 kronas. So I tought i will make good use of it by buying some new, exciting and luxurious sea food. Since I am no expert when it comes to sea food I seeked the assistance of a good friend of mine who agreed to keep me company and help make a selection of what I should buy.


Inside Feskekörka

Some interesting sea food

Some interesting sea food

Contrary to my perception, the fish market did not smell terible at all. Ofcourse it smelled like sea and fish, but in a more refrshing and pure way. I was fascinated to see the vareity of sea food that laced the market. In perspective of the limited types of sea food that I had been exposed to, it seemed as if every single edible specie under water was on sale here under one roof. There is a restaurant inside the premises too.

After much deliberation me and my friend short-listed three things we wanted to buy. Crab, shrimps and oysters! Sounded a bit wierd to the ears but it did gave me a kick to experiment with such a combination on the plate!


We sprinted home because out taste buds were enticed after being there for half an hour or so and now we just wanted to savor the taste and reap the rewards of out ”hard toil”. The crab had a very fine smooth texture to the mest, but was a little inconvenient to eat with fork and knife. We did not have proper cutlery to handle this good, but we managed well. The pick of the three were the oysters for me. We combined them with some vinegar sauce which made them rich in flavor.

Quite a meal!

Quite a meal!

All in all, it was a complete evening. Fiske kyrkan is not just a good looking structure but it is also acing the purpose it is there for; provide some top notch sea food! Do not forget tick fiske kyrkan off your bucket list!