Chalmers Alternative Sports’ trip


I mentioned this trip a few weeks back on one of my blogs. The past week we had a trip to one of the famous Scandinavian Alps, Hemsedal in Norway. The journey was organized by Chalmers Alternative Sports as one of their yearly programs. A total of 129 Chalmers students participated in this exciting four-day skiing excursion.Two buses were secured for the journey, and all were filled up. We left Gothenburg on Thursday December 4th, 2014 at 15:45 and by 19:00 we were already at the border between Sweden and Norway. We stopped for one hour and had some snacks at McDonald’s before proceeding via Oslo and reached Hemsedal at 22:10. Everyone appeared tired that evening; we collected our ski pass from our guide, and we all descended to our respective booked apartments.

Early morning next day we had breakfast and proceeded to pick our ski gears from a nearby store before joining the rest of the students in Skiing. The sky was overcast and blended with snow all over the area. Those who had not skied before had to do some practice in designated sections. It was a fun day skiing up the mountains; the placed was filled with tourists from other destination as well. By evening, we were all tired and had to get back to our apartments.

Next morning  Saturday; we had some glimpse of sunshine over the area for a few minutes then disappeared. The sun shines though little managed to blow up the sky giving us a refreshing beauty of the mountains. The area was splendid, and skiing was marvelous. Saturday was also an exhibition day for the ski suppliers who were showcasing their ski gears, and this made the place so busy and much fun. On Sunday, which was our last day, my friends and I decided to abandon skiing, and we went hiking up the mountains. It was snowing, and we used the cable car to go to heights where we couldn’t reach quickly. Along our way, we got one restaurant up the mountain that had a beautiful view of the area, and we decided to each have some coffee before proceeding. At 14:30 we were back down the mountains ready to board the bus. We left Hemsedal at 15:00 on Sunday December 7th,2014. While, on our way back, there was silence as many of the tired students kept napping. By 22:00, we were already back in Gothenburg. Below are some of the photos from the journey.









Text: Ben  Photo: Hillary