Gothenburg winterland!

It is finally snowing in Gothenburg! The weather forecast proved me wrong two nights ago, gifting us Gothenburgers with an awesome sight on Saturday morning. This is the most expected moment of the year for many international students, which can be proved by the amount of snow-related posts in the Facebook feed.

And it is certainly warranted, the hype for the snow. It’s like a whole new era starting for the city; the clouds become fuzzy as if they had been sprayed on the sky and the entire landscape is suddenly lightened up. It also becomes an interesting sensory experience, as every step is accompanied with a crunch under your feet. It will be essential to pay attention to your surroundings… that is, of course, if you prefer not to fall on the ice! Using your cellphone while walking is a no-no, but nonetheless every once in a while you’ll suffer a micro heart attack when your shoe soles can’t quite grip on the compacted snow making you slip. I’m still in my walking-like-a-penguin phase, but I hope to someday be as agile as the people I’ve seen walking without a care, or even jogging!


Fuzzy clouds

But if we leave out the slipping moments, the combination of the seeing a beautiful new landscape before your eyes, being mindful of your every step and the crisp cold on your cheeks makes it a very relaxing experience. This is without a doubt my favorite part of the year. And therefore a stroll through Slottsskogen was due! Enjoy the pictures below.


Sun and snow, nothing better!


A flowing cascade on a frozen pond


Just a bit of unfrozen pond left for the ducks!


They came for food…


And went back when they saw there wasn’t any 😦

IMG_1173   IMG_1169    IMG_1149 IMG_1153 IMG_1154  IMG_1139  IMG_1135 IMG_1134 IMG_1132


A christmasy Linnegatan

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