Being, and having been a student ambassador

One of our Student Ambassador Fikas. (Picture from Next Stop Chalmers Instagram account)

One of our Student Ambassador Fikas. (Picture from Next Stop Chalmers Instagram account)

Time flies. It has been a swift passing of more than 15 months since my journey at Chalmers began. And almost all this tenure, I have also been one of the Student Ambassadors for Chalmers, primarily writing blog posts covering my experiences as a Chalmerist, and about my life in Sweden.

With this blog post, I will have published 50 posts for the Chalmers blog, and I was thinking maybe a round up of sorts might serve well in this post.

Pictures through a period of time can capture one’s physical transformations, but there is nothing to beat regular writing which captures the progression inside one’s head. This has been true with my personal blog, which I have been writing for more than 5 years, and now when I look back at my earlier posts here on the Chalmers blog, it works the same. My earlier posts were oozing with the awe and enthusiasm of a newbie, trying to capture all the macro differences from my experiences back in India. With time, you might have seen, or at least I hope that the enthusiasm hasn’t mellowed down, but my observations must have gone slightly more nuanced.

Being a Chalmers Student Ambassador is not a privilege by itself, in the sense that we are not different from rest of Chalmerists. The main difference is that we get to express our experiences, and represent rest of the international students. To brag about it, we are in the scope of platforms like this blog, voice of international students.

At the same time, being a student ambassador does have its perks. Starting from the Student Ambassador Fikas, to access to some exclusive events and interactions. The team of student ambassadors also is a nice bunch of diverse crowd; unfortunately we do not hang out as often as we should be. Still we share a camaraderie that is hearty.

If you skim through the blog posts here – not just the ones by me, but by other ambassadors too, you will get a glimpse of the broad spectrum of positive experiences we have recounted on a regular basis. Travel, talks, seminars, food, fun, and sometimes study have all been captured in these blog posts.

With a big shout out to the Next Stop Chalmers team, I will look forward to continuing rest of the journey, while I bring my experiences to share with all of you.

Cheers, or ”Skål” as we say it here in Sweden.

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