Nature at Härryda

Did you know that every student who is part of the Student Union at Chalmers owns a sauna in the woods? Well, not one sauna for each person of course… But it is a benefit for the Student Union members to be able to rent the facilities at Härryda. The place includes a sauna for 60 people, among other perks.

However, the whole concept of a sauna and my swaying opinion of it (I’m still undecided if I enjoy any temperature higher than 40 °C) is enough material for another post. What I wanted to show you today is the surroundings of the sauna house. The view is what I have appreciated the most when I have visited Härryda.


This right here, my friends, is one of the most explanatory images of the beautiful nature in this country. Conifers, lakes and rocks are what make the Swedish landscape such a lovely one. Wouldn’t you like to live somewhere like this?



The view is equally breathtaking at night, when the lake is calm and the sky reflects perfectly on the water. But, that’s something you will have to see with your own eyes. Whenever you visit Härryda, take a break from the heat and have a walk around the facilities! You won’t regret it.


An extra picture: Icicles, a novelty for a Caribbean girl.