About Chalmeristbloggen

Chalmeristbloggen is a blog from Chalmers University of Technology in Göteborg, Sweden.
In this blog we tell stories about Chalmers, chalmerists (students, alumni and employees) and the world outside Chalmers. Chalmeristbloggen was founded in 2009 by Ulf Asklin and Michael Nystås, first under its original name, Chalmers alumni blog. Since the start on March 20 2009 we have had more than 270 000 page views.

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Most of the updates in Chalmeristbloggen are written by NN and NN, but we welcome guest bloggers from time to time. Waleed Hasan, Ben Owilli, Divia Jimenez and Raghavendra Selvan are also blogging from an international student perspective. We write for all chalmerists – students, alumni and employees – and for everyone with heart and interest for Chalmers. Chalmeristbloggen wants to be a positive force that strengthens the Chalmers trademark.

Most of the time we write in Swedish.

Chalmeristbloggen does not reflect the official viewpoints of Chalmers University of Technology. Each writer is responsible for his/hers own opinions.

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