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Honoured with the Rune Andersson Scholarship

Oskar Kvarnström, Jeanna Perman Sundelin and Ann-Sofie Hörlin have been awarded the Rune Andersson Scholarship 2014.
They received their awards of about half a million SEK each at a formal ceremony in the House of William Chalmers.

There is always a celebration when Chalmers is awarding the Rune Andersson Scholarship. The chandeliers are twinkle in the House of William Chalmers, there are lit candles on the tables, the scholarship recipients and their families are beaming and donor, Chalmers Alumni and industry legend Rune Andersson, is all smiles as he mingles.

The best students
Karin Markides, President and CEO of Chalmers, was the first speaker at the award ceremony.
– This is one of the finest celebrations at Chalmers, she said.
Markides thanked Rune Andersson for his generosity:
– It’s amazing that we have alumni who truly understand the value of what Chalmers students can contribute to society given the opportunity. Ever since I became the president in 2006, I have been very interested in how we can manage to deliver absolutely the best education and absolutely the best students.
The president pointed out that the scholarship is an important part of this effort.
– The understanding of what an engineer can accomplish in society by adding additional skills in leadership and economics is central. You know this and that honours you, she said as she expressed both hers and the University’s thanks to Rune Andersson.

Shared his long experience
As is his wont, the donor himself held a speech in which he talked about his 40 years at the top of Swedish industry.
– When I started, technology factors dominated basic industry. But much has happened since then and today marketing costs are completely dominating. Both areas have to work in balance. One disturbing trend I’ve noticed over the past 20 years is that venture capital firms have taken over many Swedish companies. A strange situation, and one I don’t think is particular healthy. Time now has to be spent on both short term marketing and long term technology development, said Rune Andersson.
According to him, venture capital firms are not interested in the long term, since they know before they even take over a company that they will sell it within a few years.
– This situation undermines any incentives to start long term projects. Nevertheless, I’m hoping we can manage to run a large percentage of long term oriented companies in Sweden.
Rune Andersson continued:
– Regardless of the industry you’re in, a two pronged attack is vital – comprising both commercial and  technical expertise. Both are equally important and that’s why I founded this scholarship. I believe the chance to supplement your education is important.

The three key persons of the day
This was followed by the award giving with focus on the three key persons of the day: Oskar Kvarnström, Ann-Sofie Hörlin and Jeanna Perman Sundelin. They received flowers and diplomas, which were handed out by Karin Markides and Rune Andersson.

Jeanna Perman Sundelin has a master’s degree in Biotechnology from 2005 and a Ph.D. from the University of Gothenburg. She works in the life science area and has now been awarded SEK 500,000 to complement her already excellent education with an MBA at the prestigious Cambridge University.
– I’ve always enjoyed studying. I enjoyed natural science and I had fun studying at Chalmers. I hope I will be able to pass that forward and be part of building up new life science companies. I want to thank you for this amazing opportunity that I now have, thanks this scholarship, said Jeanna Perman Sundelin.

Oskar Kvarnström (F11) was awarded a scholarship of SEK 466,000. He graduated in 2011 with a master’s degree in Engineering Physics and was active in various student associations during his time at Chalmers. Kvarnström is currently working as a consultant within process energy, energy policy and business development, and now aiming for a Global Energy MBA at Warwick Business School in the UK.
– I concentrated on sustainable energy during my last year at Chalmers and feel that it’s what I want to work with now, when the world needs to make the switch. I have very strong technical skills, but feel I’m missing out the marketing part and financial side, he explained.
Oskar Kvarnström started his MBA in May.
– I accept this scholarship with great gratitude and will do my very best to continue to be a good ambassador for Chalmers in the future.

Ann-Sofie Hörlin (V98) has a master’s degree in Civil Engineering and works as Sustainability Manager at Braathens Aviation, in a role with great emphasis on the environment, ethics and economics.
She was awarded SEK 498,000 to study for an MBA at Stockholm School of Economics.
– I’ve dreamt about an MBA for quite some time and thanks to the scholarship, that dream can now come true, said Ann-Sofie Hörlin in her acceptance speech.

The ceremony on September 3rd was led by Marianne Gyllensten, Development Officer at Chalmers, who took the opportunity to thank Sirpa Pöyhönen, who for many years have been an important cog in the machine for Friends of Chalmers and is now retiring.
– Without your “sisu” we will be feeling rather flat, said Marianne Gyllensten.

Awarded for the eighth time
Rune Andersson Scholarship was awarded for the eighth time this year. So far, Andersson has donated a total of SEK 13.5 million to the scholarship carrying his name at Chalmers. The scholarship is for continuing studies in economics or law and is open to people with a degree from Chalmers and some years of work experience.
The majority of those awarded the scholarship – now an exclusive group of 25 persons – have chosen to sharpen up their Chalmers degree with an MBA from abroad.
Each scholarship is worth approximately SEK 500,000.

Text: Michael Nystås
Photo: Jan-Olof Yxell

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Solemn award ceremony for the Rune Andersson Scholarship

Chalmerists Tomasz Matuszczyk (IT08), Lillian Ong (MSc00) and Patricia Conceicao De Morais (MSc06) received the prestigious Rune Andersson Scholarship worth SEK 500,000 each.
The proud scholarship holders received their awards at a solemn award ceremony in the House of William Chalmers on the 5th of June.
‘The scholarship will give me the chance to realise a lifelong dream,’ Tomasz Matuszcyk said.

The ceremony started with a brief welcoming speech from Marianne Gyllensten, a Chalmers fundraiser, and continued with speeches delivered by Chalmers president & CEO Karin Markides and donator Rune Andersson (V68)
Rune Andersson spoke entertainingly about his long experience as an executive and entrepreneur and informed his public that more people willing to expand their engineering skills by studying economics and management are needed.
‘More people with your analytical background are needed in the world of economics. And within economics we need a basic understanding of engineering. By means of this scholarship my intention has been to support those who want to step forward and build bridges between industry and the economy. It is important to work on this both in-depth and horizontally,’ Rune Andersson said.

”I am convinced you are a good investment”
He recommended the new scholarship holders should look to Asia.
‘It is essential that more of us study in Asia. The Asian countries are now much more useful for the young generation to get to know. But I hope you find an education that you enjoy. I am convinced you are a good investment – for both myself and for Chalmers,’ the experienced entrepreneur and financier said.

The leaders of the future
Chalmers president & CEO Karin Markides, emphasised the importance of the scholarship and thanked the scholarship holders for having the initiative to apply.
‘Not only does the scholarship provide an extra dimension to your careers, it can serve as an inspiration for the students who succeed you. Those elements with which you are now building up your skills will make you the leaders of the future. That is something that Rune Andersson understands,’ Karin Markides said.
She took the opportunity to pass on greetings from Xinhao Xu, who received the Rune Andersson Scholarship in 2009, and who she met recently in Washington.
Then it was time for the year’s main players to step up and receive their diplomas and bouquets and deliver their own short speeches of thanks.

Inspiring example for women
Lillian Ong has a master’s degree in Industrial Engineering from Chalmers. She has maintained contact with the university through the years and is now aiming for an MBA.
‘I feel extremely grateful and very humble over receiving the scholarship. It gives me great pleasure to be back in Göteborg and Chalmers after 13 years,’ Lillian Ong said.
Her thank you speech included some words on the importance of women providing good examples in business life.
‘I hope I shall be able to contribute and provide an inspiring example for women,’ she said.

Wanted to build spaceships
Patricia Conceicao De Morais left Chalmers with a master’s degree in 2006 and is planning to take her MBA in London. Her speech of thanks was relaxed and informal:
‘I had no desire to be an astronaut, I wanted to build the spaceship! Looking back I have not actually sent anyone out into space, but I have contributed to increasing the number of mobile telephones in the world,’ she said, referring to her long experience with telecom giant, Ericsson.
She now intends to broaden her horizons beyond the telecom world and is thinking about starting her own company.
‘I’m happy and pleased that Chalmers is willing to help me some of the way,’ Patricia Conceicao De Morais said.

Experienced entrepreneur
Tomasz Matuszczyk was already an experienced entrepreneur when he left Chalmers in 2008 as a newly-fledged civil engineer in information technology. He is the man behind the greatly admired  online booking service called Tablefinder. These past years he has helped to develop Spain’s answer to Facebook – Tuenti – into one of the country’s largest social meeting places.
‘I chose between Chalmers and the School of business, economics and law when I was 18, and decided to fulfil my passion for building things. The knowledge I obtained at Chalmers enabled me to start my first company,’ said Tomasz in his speech of thanks.
His next step is to study for his MBA in the USA
‘This scholarship will give me the opportunity to realise a lifelong dream. I believe that technology will change the world and eventually wipe out poverty,’ Tomasz Matuszczyk said.

Awarded for the seventh time
This year the Rune Andersson Scholarship was awarded for the seventh time. In total, Andersson has donated twelve million kronor to a scholarship bearing his name at Chalmers. The scholarship has been made accessible for continued studies in economics or law to those holding a degree from Chalmers and with some years’ experience of working life.
Most scholarship winners  – an exclusive group of 22 persons – have elected to extend their Chalmers education with an MBA abroad.
Each scholarship is for 500,000 kronor.

Text: Michael Nystås
Photo: Jan-Olof Yxell

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