The gift that keeps on giving

Picture by Andres Cuaran


Part of the fun of taking courses in Chalmers is that it is very unlikely that you will only attend bland lectures without any additional learning resources. Many courses include one or more study visits that allow you to see in live action what you were learning over the passing of the trimester. In the same manner, during the course you might find out about conferences or additional lectures. And if you’re lucky enough, you might stumble upon the gift that keeps on giving, meaning having a teacher that will continue to send you information relevant to the course in case it spikes your interest.

I was lucky to find one of those teachers through the Sustainable Transportation course. Apart from the fact that the course was wonderfully organized, full with diverse lectures about the environmental impact of transport and plenty of expert speakers, we also got a teacher that was very concerned about students getting the most out of the course. So even a few months afterwards, this teacher extended the invitation for students to volunteer in the VREF Conference About Urban Freight, which took place in Chalmers’ Lindholmen Campus. Some of us had the chance to help out with practical tasks during the conference. As a reward, we received some extra cash (which is always good as a student) and the chance to listen to the conferences and be able to mingle with authorities, companies and academia who work with urban freight. An all-winning situation! At Chalmers, the learning doesn’t stop when the course ends.

If you wish to read what was discussed during the conference, feel free to browse here.