A happy birthday in Gothenburg

Summer has started with its freedom and pleasant temperatures. But that is not the only joy of the season; the start of summer also means that I get to celebrate my birthday!

The days before it I was a little unsure of how it would feel to be away from family and friends on this date for the first time, a feeling made worse by the fact that most of my friends in Gothenburg have also gone on vacation. However, Gothenburg did a nice job in facilitating an awesome birthday.

Yesterday started with finding proof that the limited edition of my favorite chocolate does exist! Daim is a chocolate sold in Sweden, made up by toffee and milk chocolate. The mint-filled limited edition had been eluding me for months, but my birthday was the day where I finally captured my white whale. It seems to have dropped straight from the sky, as I never found the box or any other specimen in the whole store.

Picture extracted from http://www.sockerbiten.org/

Afterwards, I spent a few hours in Slottsskogen . It is hard to believe that too many people have left Gothenburg, since it felt as if the whole population was reunited in the park! Hundreds of families, couples and groups of friends gathered to picnic and practice sports. It is a gleeful sight to see the summer spirit invading the community.

A late lunch was deliciously had at Puta Madre, a restaurant that truly embraces the native Mexican flavors. The mood was enhanced by Latin American songs from yesteryear, a couple of which I actually knew.


Say ”Hola!” to my delicious Enchiladas

Afterwards, a tradition of going to the movies followed 🙂 As usual, I was pleasantly surprised at the quality of the projections in SF cinemas, or Bio, as you’ll get used to say in Swedish.


Pretending to be a cat at the movies

And finally, some greasy dinner was in order. We decided to go to the what claims to be best grill in Gothenburg, Lasse på Heden. Grills are the places where you get street junk food, as burgers, hot dogs and kebabs. I had been looking for loaded fries for a while, and after tasting these I can with all security ratify that this is the best grill in the whole city.

With all and all, my birthday ended up being a really enjoyable day! There is something to do in Gothenburg for all tastes, so surely your birthdays here will end up being as nice as mine 🙂